Purpose, Structure & History

About us

The European Association of National Productivity Centres (EANPC) was established in 1966 as a successor body to the European Productivity Agency. Its purpose is "to facilitate and increase exchanges of information and experiences, and arrange co-operation among participating bodies".

Membership in the Association is open to all 'national productivity centres' or institutions deemed their equivalent within the member states of the 'United Nations Economic Commission for Europe'.

The Memorandum sets out the goals of the EANPC and the prime areas of concern.


The EANPC is a registered association. Its decision organ is the General Assembly (GA), which consists of the EANPC member organisations. The General Assembly meets once a year to discuss and decide on the activities of the association.

Every two years the GA elects (or approves) the members of the Managing Board (MB), which carries on the operative business of the association. Members of the Management Board are the President, the Vice President, the President Elect (who will be the next President), the Past President, and the Secretary General; further members can be co-opted. 

At present the MB members are:

  • John Heap (UK - President)
  • Anil Yilmaz (Turkey - Vice President)
  • Peter Rehnström (Finland - Honorary President)
  • Wolfgang Schröter (Germany - Past President)
  • Dr. Mandy Pastohr (Germany - Secretary General)

The EANPC Secretariat is hosted by RKW Kompetenzzentrum and is located in Eschborn, near Frankfurt. 


In 2016, the European Association of National Productivity Centres celebrated its 50th anniversary! Over the years, 17 presidents have been elected to chair the Association. Read here more about 50 years EANPC.