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EANPC Flyer "The European Productivity Network", January 2018EANPC Brochure "A holistic concept of productivity"EANPC Position Paper "The High Road to Overcoming the Economic and Social Aftermath of the Financial Crisis", Brussels, October 2011
EANPC Position Paper "Contribution to the European Communities Working Document on the Future EU 2020", January 2010
EANPC Memorandum "Productivity - the high road to wealth", Brussels, December 2005

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Dortmund/Brussels Position Paper on Workplace Innovation, August 2012

Older EANPC documents

Article by Tony Hubert (former EANPC Secretary General), "European Productivity Movement", August 2006
Report on the 1st European Productivity Conference (Espoo), "Further and Higher in Productivity", September 2006


Articles written by Tony Hubert (former EANPC Secretary General) for a special feature, called p-Watch, of APO News - the news bulletin of the Asian Productivity Organisation. p-Watch looks at trends in the productivity movement from the perspective of an expert or practitioner.

Low-carbon Productivity, February 2010France's agile ANACT, August 2009The Netherland's Social Innovation, April 2009Austria's productivity successor body: WIFI, September 2008
The Luxembourg Productivity Centre: 50 years old, December 2007
Italy's Veneto Productivity Centre, July 2007The Slovak Productivity Center, April 2007The Turkish Productivity Center, November 2006The Cyprus Productivity Centre, May 2006The "Finnish Productivity Centre", December 2005Germany's Productivity Center in 2005, September 2005Productivity and the Press, May 2005Quo vadis European productivity?, June 2004Protectionism and Productivity, February 2004Attitudes Toward Work and Productivity, November 2003Welfare versus Productivity, August 2003 Oldies' Productivity, May 2003Eastern Europe's productivity challenges, December 2002 Productivity or profits, October 2002European business productivity today, July 2002The Euro and Productivity, May 2002Improving National Performance, Jan. 2002Government's Role, Aug. 2001Competition - Driving Force for Productivity Increase, March 2001Permanence and Flexibility, Dec. 2000Lessons from Small European Countries, Sept. 2000Productivity Watch, May 2000

Productivity basics

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