Eurofound Yearbook 2017 on Working and Living in Europe

Published: 09.07.2018

  • Labour market change
  • Industrial relations and workplace change
  • Working conditions and sustainable work
  • Quality of life and public services
  • Digital age
  • workplace practices nurturing innovation at work
  • the factors behind involuntary part-time work
  • the many faces of self-employment and the different approaches to dealing with fraudent self-employment in the EU Member States
  • the depth and breadth of national social dialogue
  • the disparity between countries with the longest expected working life (Sweden, with 41.3 years) and the shortest (Italy, 31.2 years)
  • the reach of telework into the workplaces which varies markedly across Member States
  • income inequality widening across and within Member States
  • quality and accessibility of public services
  • levels of life satisfaction / quality of life in different countries and population groups