What is the future of businesses and careers after Covid-19? 
How can I position myself after the pandemic?
What will be the new work order after the coronavirus phase has ended?
How do I sustain and increase productivity during and after the Covid-19 season?

The good news is that the Institute of Productivity and Business Innovation Management (IPBIM) is bringing the answers to your deep questions about life during and after the Corona pandemic in a FREE Webinar, supported by the World Confederation of Productivity Science and the European Association of National Productivity Centres.

Don't stay in the dark! Join the Global Productivity Discourse with the theme; Innovation and Productivity; A fresh approach in the global space during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Come join global experts in the fields of productivity and innovation as we open the tap of knowledge on the 6th and 7h of May. 11am (GTM +1) (WAT)

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