Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut (WIFI)

In the first EANPC Newsletter of 2015, we focus on our Austrian member - the Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut (WIFI) or the Institute for Economic Promotion of the Austrian Economic Chambers. Its Deputy Director General, Monika Elsik, represents WIFI in the EANPC Board. WIFI is the leading institute in further education for Austrian businesses. Besides training activities, WIFI also provides tailor-made advice and consultancy to SMEs. More on WIFI... WIFI_intro.pdf

Free webinars for entrepreneurs - including interactive expert discussions

Every successful entrepreneur has his or her own individual recipe for success. Along with professional knowledge and expertise, entrepreneurial skills (accounting, financing, marketing, sales and human resources management) are always part of that recipe. People’s interests and preferences vary - but solid, fundamental knowledge of business management is a must in every business sector. Furthermore, today’s fast-paced society requires you to always be up to date on the latest developments. This is especially important for young start-up companies.

Supplementing the courses offered, the Economic Chambers and WIFI Austria have also developed a range of "Interactive Expert Discussions", which allow entrepreneurs to participate free of charge, regardless of their location. The webinars are live events that start at an announced time. The only thing participants need is a computer, a fast Internet connection, speakers or a headset, and the time to take part. Agenda of webinars... WIFI_webinars.pdf

Online tool : SME company value

It is of utmost importance to know the value of one’s own company when it comes to setting the business agenda, negotiating the terms of a loan with a bank or engineering the sale/purchase of a company. The new online reference guide designed by the WIFI SME Support Centre called "SME Company Value" provides information about what is important regarding company valuation. Significant factors are public awareness of a company and its products, future outlook of the branch, client base quality, value of location and structure as well as the expected profit.

The online tool invites you to enter the relevant company-specific data and based on that it calculates the company value. The integrated simulation-tool is extremely fascinating because it can predict how changes in revenue and expense can influence market value. The final report illustrates the current company value and shows personalised possibilities as to how it can be increased. Additionally it includes information about contact partners and pinpoint support offers. More info? Additional online tools? WIFI_online tools.pdf

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Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut (WIFI)

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